Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Year Later...

ok. Let me explain.. I forgot my password.. *blush* so now that I know how to get into my blogs, I will begin to post daily! (partay!) So.. since last October I have been really busy. So we'll start fresh! (:

             No track practice today ): but Marie, Erika, Holly, Mady, Caitlin, Elizabeth, Brookelle, Noah, Jacob, Carley, Caitlyn, Ryan, Jack, Matt, && me hung out at the elementary school playground for like 2 hours. Fun times (; After I got back, Olivia && I made a music video to the song So Good.   I have state assessments tomorrow :/ not excited about that. :| Ohh and I'm doing triple jump at track tomorrow, after I get back from the dentist!


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